Aiden McDougall

Reclusive military defector living near Hubbards NS




  • Power: 4
  • Forte: 3
  • Agility: 5
  • Speed: 5
  • Perception: 4
  • Will: 3


  • Health: 3
  • Mortal Wound: 9
  • Reflexes: 4
  • Steel: 4 (3+1 for being a soldier)
  • Hesitation: 7
  • Circles: 1
  • Resources: 2

Skills (14 pts)
Sword 2, Crossbow 3, Orienteering 1, Soldiering 1, Brawling 2, Firebuilding 1, Command 1, Field Dressing 1, Observe 2,
Picked by others: Stealthy, Explosives, Tailor, Swimming, Intimidation, Knots

Traits (Aiden is well trained and physically conditioned)
Picked by others:
Fear of Bees

Quickly place myself between teammates and danger.
Avoid water if possible (Aiden finds himself becoming a bit more aqua phobic as time passes, and realizes the dangers of letting your gear get damp.)

Killing another human is unforgivable.
Good people are worth protecting.

Machete (Pow 3 Add 2 WS 2),
Knife (Pow 1 Add 1 WS X),
Crossbow (DoF 1-2 3-4 5-6) [I4 M8 S11 VA2]
Combat Jacket (Light Armor 1D),
Hip Case of Bolts,Large Military Backpack (clothing, rations, fire kit, canteen, first aid kit, small tool kit etc.) and Totally Sweet Sunglasses

Friends: The Smiths, are family clinging to the last remnants of their small town life. They often provide Aiden shelter in exchange for basic supplies.

Enemies: Jimmy ‘the dagger’ Flynn, a rival scavenger and survivalist, Aiden and Jimmy have clashed over loot, and competed with each other in the past. Jimmy always got the worst of it though, so now he has it out for Aiden.


Pre-War Lifepaths

Infantryman in Royal Scots Army (Foot Soldier)
Aiden spent most of his younger years in basic training and serving as an Infantryman in the Royal Scots Army. He was a young volunteer, and felt that with the world changing the way it was his countrymen would need his protection. His sharp eye and natural athleticism quickly earned him the admiration and attention of his superior officers. Before long he was chosen to become a Ranger, a soldier trained for independent and often time’s secret field and wilderness work.

Ranger in the Royal Scots Army (Scout)
Aiden was trained to be a lone field operative. A survivalist, who could travel alone, undetected or work with a small group of operatives to complete objectives. But then the war started, and Aiden quickly learned that he didn’t have the stomach for combat. He chose instead to defect, and moved to a small town outside Halifax NS, near Fox Point. Perhaps nobody would think to look for him here?

Post War Lifepath

Reclusive Loner in a Small Town (Hunter)
Aiden’s new life in Canada suited him well. He lived in a small shack he built for himself, quite distantly removed from the nearest community. He hunted what game he could, and worked a variety of small jobs to keep himself fed and clothed. He was happy for a while, living a quiet simple life, and even made some friends in the small town of Hubbards.

Then everything went to hell. He watched the life he had built being destroyed as the areas around him sank, and folks falling on hard times began to turn on each other, so he gathered what supplies he could from town, and disappeared into the hills.

His friends in town occasionally hear from him, as he checks in to make sure they are ok, and provide them with what food or supplies he can spare to help them out.

Aiden McDougall

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