Janet Gosse

Ex "Park Warden"


Perception 4
Will 3
Power 4
Forte 5
Agility 4
Speed 4

Health: 4
Reflexes: 4
Steel: 3
Resources: 2

Superficial: 3 Light:5 Midi:7 Serious:8 Trauma:9 Mortal: 10

Skills (11 pts):
Bow (Agi) 2
Foraging (Per) 2
Hunting (Agi/Per) 2
Orienteering (Per) 2
Wilderness 1st Aid (Per) 2
Survival (Will/Per) 3
Trapper (Agi/Per) 2
Tracking (Per) 2
Forest-Wise (Per) 3
Fletcher (Per/agi) 2
Gun (Agi) 2
Picked by others
Bird Calls (Per)
Hacky Sack (Agi)
Singing (Will)
Mending (Agi/Per)
Stealthy (Spd)
Herbalism (Per)

3 Traits:
Early Riser
Keen Sense of Hearing
Picked by others
Stuttering Speech
Wild at Heart

2 Beliefs:
Nature will provide food and guidance
Only take what you need, the person coming after you might need it more than you do

3 Instincts:
Avoid confrontation whenever possible
Never let them see that you are afraid
Always make sure the food is secure (away from animals, not easily seen)

Huge Waterproof backpack
Plant Guide with traditional uses of plants (mosses, lichen)
Mushroom Guide
Foldng saw
Well stocked 1st Aid kit
Water purificaton tabs
Quiver of Arrows (12)
Spare Bow String
Spare shoelaces
Hunting Knife
Water bladder
Roll of DucT Tape
Bags of Salt and other spices
Fishing line and hooks
Decent multitool
Small Axe



There are no National parks anymore, one of the governments long gone decided they were not economically viable anymore and sold them off to the highest bidder(s). Most were bought up by oil companies hoping to extract the last bit of oil from wherever they could. A few however managed to get bought up by wealthy environmentalists. They were considered private property and were guarded and monitored by what was once called a Park Warden.

A park warden would arrest poachers and trespassers while also monitoring the forest and animals within to watch for changes and to try and maintain some of the beauty that was once all over Nova Scotia.

Kejimkujik was one of the Parks that was bought up by a wealthy environmentalist. David S. was named after his grandfather and inherited his families wealth and land. His grandfather made his money through geoengineering. He bought up the park to try and preserve the beauty of the province that he grew up in. David, wanting to continue preserving the land passed down to him, hired a local young lady who showed great enthusiasm for preserving the environment. Her name was Janet.

Before the war

Janet was anything but a lady. She grew up loving nature and getting dirty. She would spend as much time with her father, who worked at Keji, as possible. He taught her everything he knew, how to hunt (with bow as well as a gun) where all the best fishing holes were. They kept the hunting to outside Keji of course. He taught her what the plants were and what they can be used for. What animals were indicator species so that you can tell how healthy Keji was.

When her father died trying to arrest a poacher for killing a bear, Janet felt like it was her duty to continue protecting the land she came to know and love. She convinced David that she could do the job and was hired to take her fathers place. Things were going well for Janet until war broke out, and then the drafts came.

The War

Every able bodied person was drafted. Janet had no interest in killing anyone, there must be a another way then killing to resolve the world issues. She refused to go to war. David on the other hand felt like he had no other choice, he would serve his country. After David left she took refuge in the land she had protected for years, hoping it would now protect her.

Janet lived off the land, she made a small hut in the centre of Keji hoping no one would find her there. She had pilfered the warden stations for any supplies she would need and she hunted only what she would need. But with the rising temperatures it was getting harder and harder to preserve meat.

After the war

Time passed, the war ended. David didn’t return home and the forest was dying. There was no real law and people hunted the forests to the point where it was hard to find a deer anywhere. What animals were not hunted headed north. Janet finally decided it was time to follow the animals lead and move on, she packed what she needed and headed north, hoping that the forests of Labrador would still be somewhat intact. If not, she would continue north.

Janet Gosse

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