When the Dam Breaks, and the Waters Rise.

A Beginning

Janet Gosse was skirting the edge of New Winsor, when she heard the sound of voices from the town. People were shouting. Someone was very angry. It wasn’t her problem, though. But then a familiar name drifted along the wind: “He’s the one responsible for all this! David S-!”. A light drizzle began to fall, muffling any further words.

Aiden McDougall was in New Windsor, trading for supplies, when a commotion started at the end of town. Seems like a crowd was gathering on one of the farms there. There was a lot of shouting, but there seemed to be one speaker commanding the attention of the crowd.
“Who was getting rich off of all of us, holding us hostage with the threat of shutting off the Systems created by his grandpa? And when those Systems broke down anyway, who fled the country, leaving us to deal with the shit that came after? He thinks that he can just waltz back in here, and that we won’t remember what happened? That we won’t remember how we had to abandon our homes to the flooding?” The man points an accusing finger towards the farmhouse. “He’s the one responsible for all this! David S-! And tonight, he will pay for his crimes!” A light drizzle began to fall. It was almost always raining, lately.

Daken was just about ready to leave New Winsor on his quest, and was just doing a check of his gear. Kayak? Check. Bedroll? Check. Tarp? Check. Hand axe? Check. Rope? Check. His tools? Check, check, check. Three days worth of food? That was, uh… Huh. He was sure he had set out three days’ worth of food… Oh right, he must have left it back at the Ryners’ house. How could he have forgotten to pack it? He turned back and headed for the farmhouse. It seemed like there were quite a few people gathered outside. He really hoped that the Ryners were having a party of some kind, but he was quickly getting the impression that wasn’t the case. A light drizzle began to fall. It wasn’t going to be a good day for a party, anyway.

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